Rad is a skilled freelancer available for hire.
Recruiters, feel free to visit my GitHub.

Rad is a Chicago native, born, raised and residing. He is a versatile software engineer, comedian, and builder of tangibles. Rad utilizes his neurodivergent superpowers of hyperfocus, honesty, and empathy for good. He loves animals, comedy, music, nature, and serving the community. He was raised with the belief that Tikkun Olam, "Healing the world", was a necessary aspect of a healthy career. He loves working for companies and individuals with a strong focus on the environment, climate action, and humane ethical missions.

A Few Projects

screenshot of movie app

Full Stack Movie App

A web app recommending horror films where no animals are harmed. Techstack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, EJS, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js

screenshot of stranger things game

Will! Will! Will! Chrissy! Simon!

Getting impatient for the final Stranger Things season, enjoy this fun memory game based on the classic Simon game this web app was built using Vanilla Javascript, and a bit of humor. Techstack: HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript

screenshot of clients portfolio site

Client Professional Portfolio Site

A simple portfolio for client and child actor, you may have seen them in such projects as Search Party, and Grimcutty. Techstack: HTML, CSS, Javascript

How to video on sharping pencils in a masculine way

Wondering if you are sharpening pencils like a man? Let Rads binary inner child Tommy Bronson, teach you in this educational comedic video.

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